the phil's infinite tinker machine production
Current Projects
Currently, my virtual mixing board is empty and awaiting a project to come along.  Rather than do nothing, however, I'm working on a number of personal mixing projects to improve my skills.
Previous Projects
My friend, Doug, and I always talked throughout our time at Wabash College that there was one thing this world needed us to do and that was music production.  Fast forward 20 years, and that's what I've started doing.  I started by entering contests and I am linking out those projects below.  I've also been working on my own music, but most importantly, I've started taking on addition musicians' work and that's what's exciting to me!  Those projects will be linked out as they come to completion and as the artist agrees to having it posted.
2015  -   Brendan Loughrey, "ERIN"
Examples of Work 
Brendan Loughrey, "ERIN"    -  Irish Rebel Rock
Tiocfaidh ár lá
I Quit Drinking
Another Year
Pack Your Bags
Wanting, "Drenched"  -  Pop
The Long Wait, "Dark Horses"  -  Acoustic Folk Rock
Blue Lit Moon, "Dad's Glad (Solitude Mix)"  -  Acoustic Rock