the phil ware experience's music
Current Projects
A lament that is "getting there."  Ultimately, I'd like to work with another artist on this to give it vocals and bring it up to snuff.  We'll see.
I've recorded two -- the first is running from my RP350 into ProTools using my effects with which I'm accustomed.  It's a little more refined and has a throatier solo tone.
The second was recorded exclusively with the Schecter using no outboard effects and relying on ProTools and GuitarRig 5 for tone and effects.
Irish Shores (2014)
Previous Projects
Recorded in a day - from programming the drums into CakeWalk 5, recording the guitars my four track, then into CoolEdit, back out to the 4-track and back and forth numerous times, this particular digitization is trying to take, basically, the original taped mixdown and do something with it.  Eventually, it will come a time to re-record everything.
Topically, though there are no vocals recorded, this is not about hairstyle...this is about being chased through a cornfield by someone who wishes to make you die.  I tried to go for the heartbeat thing in the intro and then with a sort of manical solo...still tweaking after all these years...
Cornrows (1997)
So, I had a drum loop...  I decided to riff and/or solo over it.  I threw everything together in Audition and it didn't sound horrible, but it didn't have a title.  So, I pilfered two sound files from the Scooby Doo movie and messed with them a little to bookend the song, hence the title.  Now, it came to be that I needed a version that didn't have the samples.  So, That would be the first file -- it's remixed and remastered and has a bit more balance to it.  The second file is the original with all its goofy Freddy Prinze, Jr. and Mathew Lillard goodness.
Coolsville Sucks (2011)