Visiting Moonshadow Gardens

Moonshadow Gardens

Garden visitors are welcome.  We were very happy to accommodate the 30 or so people who came to our Open Garden at the 2008 Richmond Regional.  We do prefer calls or e-mails ahead to make sure we're here.  This is not a display garden, though it does put on quite a display, especially in our Civil War trench on the east border.  Though it is not designated as a historic display, this garden holds hundreds of historic cultivars.  Since the garden is, at least in part, a farm, with stock being moved and divided on a sort of continuous basis, we like to be with our visitors when they view the garden.  We ask that you avoid bringing pets or unsupervised children.  Since hybridizing is an ongoing enterprise, we expect our visitors to avoid damaging or altering our crosses.

Do we sell from our garden stock while you are visiting?  Yes, conditions permitting.  Again, it doesn't hurt to ask.  Do we ship to your home?  Yes, indeed; for prepaid orders that include shipping costs, we are happy to ship anywhere within the US.

John M. Ware and Emily C. Ware
5463 Spotslee Circle
Mechanicsville VA 23111-4216
804 746 8160
Use Mapquest to Get Directions to Moonshadow Gardens.